absence is the most recent release from those Eurekan mainstays, Chowderhead. The CD sound's warmer, yet somehow cooler; jazzed-tinged perhaps, and still full of the Chowderhead textures that make them a northcoast radio fave. Unfortunately, It appears that this will be the final Chowderhead release, at least in the near future. Try visiting them at: to give them some love and support.

This line up includes:
Xeff Scolari: Voice, Guitar and Bass.
Kevin McBride: Drums and Keyboards
Cisco Haggerty: bass, guitar, and vocals
Paul Zehfuss: guitar and is a band virgin.
 A host of local guests stars, too!


This earlier release is a bit more sardonic, a little more pissed-off, a little heavier- they still retain the beatific smile from clean Humboldt's Living. Creamy, Psychedelic Metal with a big beat, no crutches and straight-forward production values. CD.


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