Country Matters

Praeludium Ad Simulationem

The greatest hits of the fifteenth century! If you've ever been to a Renaissance Festival in California, you've no doubt spied these lads and lassies carousin' with the crowd. The group sings madrigals with a beery gusto, and performs drinking songs with religious precision. A good time is had by all. Country Matters has a long and storied history of entertaining intrigues, as witnessed by the title of this release, which means, "The more we practice, the better we fake it".
Available on Compact Disc and Audio Cassette.

Country Matters Christmas Album

The group wrenched itself away from it's rigorous performing schedule and completed this Christmas release, LET US SERVIRE CANTICO. The title means "Let us serve in song", and they serve up a great heaping helping of well-loved carols, old and new, collected on this 31 track(!) Compact Disc. The group spent quite a bit of time Hymning-and-Haw!-ing over their huge Christmas repertoire, and finally decided to release much of it here, so none of the tunes would feel left out. Charles Dickens meets Ray Charles. Fun all year round! Shipping now.


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