Attack Of The Dreaded Order Desk!

...Not only do we want to enrich your life through the healing power of music, but we want you to buy this stuff and support us and our artists in the manner to which we will become accustomed.
Here's how to keep us in short-dogs and cheese-puffs:

Pricing Information:

This's how much all this fabulous stuff costs. Make payments in American dollars, or add 15% to the price so I can afford to drive my 1971 Dodge Charger to the currency exchange joint at the Mall.
Or cruise `til I find someone willing to black-market your currency for better than 85 cents on the dollar.

  • CD's - $15.00
  • Full Length Cassettes - $10.00
  • Cassette Ep's - $7.50
  • Cassette Singles - $5.00
  • 7" vinyl singles - $3.50

Please include $3 per order for shipping and handling. California residents add 8.25% sales tax.
International orders please email for info.

Retailer, catalog, and wholesaler inquiries welcome

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